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Welcome to Crz Creations

    You will find a mixture of unique hand crafted gift ideas from fine wood decor to modern retro accesories.

      We offer something beautiful and different with our driftwood clocks and nature nacks at Crz Creations.
    Each piece is individually hand crafted and is a... one of a kind..

   Crz Creations is proud to announce our new line of TIMIES. These clocks are made from Oak, Poplar, Cherry and Mahogany.

   The Crafter at CRZ Creations has been busy. Check out the new crafts which include Gumball Machines, Tee Bags, Desk Top Easels and Big Timer Watches.

   Check our page often.. we will always continue to add new products to our collection!



    Great for night stands and desks.
   Choose from our 15 styles of "Timies" to create a unique trophy for any occation.


Gumball Machines

   Keep your snacks in this creative piece.
     Our Gumball Machines are sure to be a great conversation piece when displayed on your desk or counter.
   More details on the Cool Creations Page.

Gumball Machine

Big Timers

Big Timers

   These giant wooden wrist watches are a great gift idea for the person who has everything!
   Find out more about the Big Timers on the Cool Creations Page.

Desktop Easel

   Display a favorite piece, or us as a typing aide for your computer.
   More details on the Cool Creations Page.

Small Easel
Tee Bags

Tee Bags

   Colorful retro shoulder totes made from fun summer Tee's.
   See more of these on the Cool Creations Page.

Driftwood Clocks

    We have a variety of wall and mantel clocks that would make a perfect gift.
     The clocks are natural driftwood and range in size and price to fit any budget.


Nature Nacks

   If you are looking for a decoration that is different, look at what Crz Creations has to offer on our Nature Nacks page.
   These natural driftwood decorations are sure to be a great conversation piece.

Nature Nack

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Each Crz Creation is unique.

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